Monday, May 14, 2012


Just a little note to say that I have new plans for the blog.  While it will continue to be a depository for random thoughts and comments, I have decided to utilize this place to further a few of my pursuits.  As a result, I will be shifting my focus to more gaming oriented topics.  Namely, my tremendous video game backlog.  I still have yet to get a complete listing of what the backlog actually consists of, but will post it as soon as it is available.

This wont be a venue for ratings.  Think of it more as a collection of musings about various titles that I have accumulated over a 10 year period.  Some will be about old titles that you will have no doubt ever heard of.  Others will be about newer, more mainstream products.

There will be more to come!  I promise this time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My One Man Crusade Against Social Retardation

As some of you know, Ive been clean of myspace/facebook for about a month now. "Egads!" You might say. "Why on earth would you do something so crazy as to remove yourself from such wonderful online networking tools?" Well.......let me try to say it in a two word phrase. Socially Callous. That is what I believe society today has become thanks to the constant pushing of all these social networking sites. Think about it, the word "friend" has nearly lost its original meaning thanks to these abominations. It used to mean someone you have some sort of meaningful contact with, or someone who holds some position of importance in your life. Now its just a word for someone you clicked a button to accept an invitation from. Or the word you attach to some vague face on an ever growing roster that you gaze at a million times a day to get an ego boost over how many "friends" you have.

Thats one reason why I chose to remove myself from those sites, but there are a few more. They promote laziness, they are potentially addicting (sad I know, but ive seen this scenario with my own eyes), and believe you me, Ill scream if I see another advert from kissyface21 asking me if I want to chat. I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SKANKY SINGLES SITE......Regardless of how much cleavage you sport in those things.

Now dont get me wrong, as with most things, there is always the exception to the rule. Some people hop on myspace/facebook because it allows them to communicate and keep in touch with people they might otherwise not be able to. But I believe such individuals are small in number. You can keep in touch with anyone, anywhere, provided you put forth the effort.

This whole situation is rather frustrating because most of Utah is wired into facebook, and if you want to be kept abreast of whats going on you have to log in as well. Or so some would think. Im working my hardest to network the old fashioned way, by word of mouth, through phone calls and to a lesser extent, text messages because doing so helps one to be more proficient in social situations (i.e. dating in my case). So off I go, armed only with my common sense and stubborn attitude.


Fighting the good fight

Friday, March 14, 2008

So yeah......about that

Im well aware that it has been practically forever since I posted anything, sure wasnt what I had in mind when I started this thing. If anything, ill attribute my lack of activity on this thing to my web-laziness which isnt necessarily a bad thing, its great to be preoccupied with things away from my computer. Ill go ahead and make a sort of vow to at least post ONE entry each month, if only I was that diligent about writing my friends who are out on missions.

Anywho, the blog is revitalized! Stay tuned


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beyond here lie dragons

So after a year and a half of mulling over the idea, I have finally decided to move outside of my comfort zone. That being Arizona. "Where to?" You might ask, to which I promptly reply, "Utah". I cannot explain to you why I have chosen this destination, Provo, Utah, to be more exact. All I can say is that I feel that is where I need to be. Ive been in Arizona my whole life, with the exception of the first few weeks after I was born and the time I spent on my mission. Things feel a little stagnant here, so Ive decided to change things up a little. Moving to Utah may not sound like much, but take into consideration that I have never done anything like this. Im 23 years old, not getting any younger, and in desperate need of an adventure.

My decision has been met with some criticism from a few individuals. Most prominent of these is my former room mate Brad, who commonly refers to Utah as "Utard". His argument is that I have not given Arizona 100% of my effort. This I am in accordance with, I have not given it my all. However, deep within me I feel that no matter how long I stay in Arizona, how much schooling I complete, or how many dates I go on, I will not find what I seek. And to those of you asking, I seek the next chapter of my life. New setting, new scenery, new people, everything as new as I can manage. Provo can be described as "The Mormon Mecca" Ive always liked going there, I have friends who live there, and Id like to learn how to snowboard, as well as work on my social skills and meet some pretty LDS women :D

Im giving up a lot by making this move. A wonderful job at Banner Home Care, quite possibly the best job ive ever had, dont get me wrong, it has its quirks, but it was a good job. A wonderful place to live where I lived very comfortably for very cheap, and all the familiarity that comes along with being in a familiar place. Whenever I think about staying, a faint thought enters my mind telling me that I will regret it for the rest of my life. I have enough regret in my life, I dont need something else stacked on top of it all, so Im making a choice and going for it.

As I write this from the laptop at my fathers home, outside is my car, my grandfathers suburban, and a U-haul trailer all filled with every material possession I have. With the exception of my microwave that I forgot at my old place. Ill find some way to manage, maybe dabble with that invention known as a conventional oven. I need to go, Im glad to go, and I have all the confidence in the world that this will be good for me. Because of this, I have created this blog. Both to keep those I know informed of whats going on in the whacked out life of Jamie Duke, and to rekindle some of my dormant writing skills that I was once renouned for. So stay tuned, more posts are to come, and Ill get Jordan to show me how to get pictures up on here.

Sieze the Day!